CBD Bath Bombs

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CBD Bath Bombs

Each Bombs Contains 75mg+ of Water Soluble Nano Tech CBD

Gold Frankincense & Myrrh

This age defying bath bomb helps sooth muscle aches and pain.The Frankincense and Myrrh have properties that help the skin lift and tighten to naturally slow signs of aging. the myrrh promotes healing in the skin and is a powerful antioxidant. The added Shae Butter will leave skin moisturized.


This bath bomb is intended for muscle recovery. The rosemary will help sooth pain and eliminate stress headaches as well as strengthen the immune system. the grapefruit helps lower blood pressure and also has great anti-inflammatory properties.


To cleanse you of negative energies and stress. this bath bomb has an activated charcoal centre to absorb toxins and help cleanse your skin. the grapefruit will help elevate stress and anxiety while the peppermint will uplift your spirits. the lemon acts as a psychic cleanser help you focus and find clarity.

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