African Smoke is a proudly South African Head Shop. Our mission is to stock superior quality smoking accessories for smokers with a taste for the finer things. Our commitment is to conduct business ethically and in-line with the values of ethical business practices and sustainability.


It’s true that we source our electronics from the same market leaders in Asia that supply the European and North American markets. It’s also true that our glass bongs are hand-crafted by talented artisans. But why do we continually choose quality? Because, we’re connoisseurs too, and we want you to share our joy. So shop around, find something you like, and share the good vibes.

Everyone knows how bad equipment can spoil the mood, and we don’t want to be another company peddling badly-made smoking accessories, so we take every care to sell only products that provide maximum smoking pleasure. Yes we’re a company, but were also just people, and we share your passion.


African Smoke is a supporter of various charity and NPO organisations. We’re also South Africa’s exclusive partner to, and huge fans of, Karma products. This product-line, including bags and tips, is spearheaded by PRASADAM. Made by rural Indian farmers who refuse to cut down trees, these products are made from recycled vegetable and fruit pulp, are 100% biodegradable, and are embedded with live seeds

We’re also advocates for animal welfare and for the legalization of Marijuana in South Africa and abroad. We believe strongly in environmental preservation and spreading awareness about the dangers of pollution. As smokers we should all do our part by 

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