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Kaya Farm Kaya Kashi 1kg

Kaya-Kashi is a premium craft bokashi made from wheat bran, spent barley and other natural inputs fermented alongside beneficial microbes. It is used as a soil conditioner and microbial inoculant that aids in the decomposition of organic matter and nutrient cycling improving soil fertility in order to grow bigger and healthier plants. Kayakashi can also be used to recycle food scraps into a rich fertilizer for the garden, as a compost activator or to control odors from animals or septic tanks.

Directions for use:

Soil top dress: ±1/4 cup per 10L of soil on top of dry amendments or alone and water in. Cover with mulch for best results. Repeat every 2-3 weeks. Soil/Compost activator: ±1 cup per 10L of soil and mix thouroughly. Compost Tea: ±1/2 cup per 10L of water and bubble for 36-48 hours. Odor control: Flush 1 cup a month in septic tank or sprinkle around the pets waste area.


Wheat bran, Spent barley grain, Filtered water, Molasses, Synergistic Microbes, Comfrey FPE, Aloe FPE, Rock Dust, Kelp meal, Soft rock phosphate, Gypsum, Insect Frass, Malted Barley Store in a cool dry place away from light


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