Punch Bubble

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Punch Bubble

Bubblegum x Purple Punch

Punch Bubble is a lip-smacking delicious cross of Bubblegum and Purple Punch that brings together two already flavor-loaded genetics. Punch Bubble phenotypes will produce exotic new aromas of fruit pie, Big League Chew original bubblegum, and hints of grape soda. This all-star lineup of flavors will set a new standard for fruity terpenes. The plants from this cross will produce nice buds small to medium-sized buds that stack amazing colas of colorful flowers. From bright purples to oranges and greens to deep violet, the visual brilliance of Punch Bubble phenotypes will be stupendous. Orange pistil hairs will surround frosted neon green calyxes that swell and fade with hints of purple. The trichomes on this cross will be bountiful and give Punch Bubble phenotypes the bag appeal to match the terpene content. Punch Bubble will produce positive and happy effects that make it a perfect choice for day and nighttime use. This is a great selection for reducing body aches and pains, as well as lowering stress levels.

Bubble Gum Phenos

Bubblegum is an extremely rare almost extinct clone only selection that descended from a crew in Indiana in the early 1990s. This phenotype is a true gem that has been sought after for decades by many growers. Bubblegum has won multiple awards at Cannabis Cups beginning in the mid-1990’s. The flavor and aroma from Bubblegum are an exact match to her name. This cultivar will coat your mouth in Bazooka Joe and Dubble Bubble gum twisted with cotton candy terpenes. The buds from Bubblegum looks mouthwatering delicious with bright orange hairs contrasting the lime green bud. This is a great cultivar for intermediate growers who have experience with old genetics and maintaining a dialed environment.

Purple Punch Party

Purple Punch is a cross of Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG that was bred by Supernova Gardens. This cross is an absolute treat that will make your friends drool with delight at the delectable sight of Purple Punch. If you like enhanced fruit flavors and incredibly inviting floral aromas mixed with berries, Purple Punch will drive you wild. This cultivar is known to be easy to grow and manage. The plants will stack nice colas of dense tightly packed buds. There is very little stretch to Purple Punch which makes her a great choice for anyone growing in a tent or with height restrictions. Around week five of flowering, you will really begin to notice the plants packing on trichome coverage. By week seven, Purple Punch plants beam with light reflecting off of all the resin and display a brilliant mix of purple colors. After cure and trim the buds from this variety looks good enough to eat. They appear very purple almost like a bag of frozen grapes. The aromas of fruit syrup and pie will draw you in and the effects will relax you and soothe away your stresses. This is a great choice for afternoons and evenings.

Punch Bubble

Punch Bubble fuses Bubblegum and Purple Punch together for a crazy candy and berry flavored delight. This cross will deliver everything you desire from a terpene packed fruity cultivar. The finished buds will look amazing. Don’t miss your chance to find your own phenotypes from the incredible rare Bubble gum and the always popular Purple Punch. Grad a pack of Punch Bubble today.

Punch Bubble Genetic Lineage
Bubblegum x Purple Punch

Bubblegum – %
Purple Punch – %
Granddaddy Purple – %
Larry OG – %


6 Seeds




PREMIUM COLLECTORS PACK – Crush-proof containers and tamper proof heat-sealed pouches ensure your genetics are 100% genuine and secure for their long journey.


Indica 50% Sativa 50%


62-72 Days


Medium Tall -Tall


Indoor or Outdoor


Indiana Bubblegum, Bubblegum, Grandaddy Purple, Larry OG, Purple Punch


Bubble Gum, Grape


Cotton Candy, Hawaiian Punch

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